An intelligent (or stupid?) multiprotocol chatbot with AI and NLP python framework


A python twisted based framework for multiple chat

Multibot is a pythonic framework based on twisted to create chatbot for multiple networks.

It's a work in progress and it's far to be complete, anyway, it is already usable, I personally use it integrated in my own home automation system with a messenger bot.

The project is free software and, as usual, open source, you are welcome to use it for anything you like to, of course contributions are welcome.

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  • Chat protocols:
    • Telegram support
    • Whatsapp support (to be evaluated)
    • IRC support
  • Payment support:
    • Bitcoin
  • AI and NLP (local):
    • Tensorflow (using Keras)
    • Theano (using Keras)
    • NLTK
  • AI and NLP (Cloud):
    • OpenNER
  • Other Clouds support:
    • Oper weather map
    • OpenStreetMap
  • SMS and telephony interface
    • kannel
    • is there any free for open source SMS gateway out there?
  • self contained install (virtualenv? a container? don't yet know)