OssoPI RaspberrPI model 1B+ and 2 I/O expansion board support files

OssoPI RaspberrPI model 1B+ and 2 expansion cape with 8 digital (opto-isolated or non-opto-isolated) inputs and 8 relays 275VAC@10A.

Osso is shipped with the ability to switch opto-isolated inputs or non-opto-isolated inputs, to better fit user needs. Docs about how to change input types are on the project wiki

The expansion board has to be powered by a 12VDC connector (9 to 24VDC supported), and it will power the RaspberryPI from expansion pins ( no needs to give external power to the RaspberryPI! )

The size of the expansion board is a standard format for 9 units DIN rail mount boxes.

The test files are supposed to run on any linux based os with Rpi.GPIO python library installed, tested on Raspbian.

For more infos: http://www.nexlab.net/

Osso board
Osso board

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Pin diagram (green dot pins are optional, other required):

Osso Pin Diagram