A collection of small python utilities

This is a collection of python utilities i often use in many projects.

from nexlab import...

  • daemonizer.py - a library to manage double fork() on unix systems
  • nexcrypt.py - pure python implementation of AES128, AES256, XTEA and few others
  • objgraph.py - usefull library for debugging purpose
  • singleton.py - the name says it all.

from nexlab.utils import...

  • blockingdefer.py - a wrapper over twisted deferred to emulate a blocking call
  • genutils.py - some generic utility functions
  • mail.py - helper for formatting and send mail using twisted
  • pwgen.py - a crappy random password generator
  • validators.py - html form validators for formal
  • webutils.py - an HTTP client on top of twisted

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