MK firmware for Arduino

MarlinKimbra 3D Printer Firmware for Arduino

This project has been deprecated in favour of MK4duo

Version 4.2.85 Laser dev

This is the Laser enhananced version with the patches from Franco (nextime) Lanza.

If you like to help the work on Laser version, please donate to

https://www.nexlab.net/donations/k40-laser/ [DONATIONS id:1269]

For K40 laser cutter there are branches with the default config files ready to use:

Also, take care that lasers needs a larger serial buffer on arduino mega 2560 than the default 64 byte buffer, so take a look at needed modification on the arduino ide from Laser Documentation README

Special thanks

  • all Marlin8bit-developers.

MarlinKimbra 3D Printer Firmware

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Quick Information

This version of Marlin was made to accommodate some requests made by the community RepRap Italy http://forums.reprap.org/index.php?349 The new features are:

  • A single Firmware for all types of printers; Cartesian, Delta, SCARA, CoreXY & CoreXZ.
  • The possibility of having only one hotend independently from the extruders that you have.
  • The addition of the 6th extruder.
  • Management Color Mixing Extruder
  • System Management MKr4 for 6 extruders with just two drivers or only driver.
  • Management Multyextruder NPr2, 4/6 extruders with only two engines.
  • Management Dual Extruder DONDOLO.
  • Adding commands to facilitate purging of hotend.
  • Step per unit varied for each extruder as well as the feedrate and the acceleration.
  • Adding Debug Dryrun used by repetier.
  • Added total Power on time written in SD CARD.
  • Added total Power consumption written in SD CARD.
  • Added total filament printed written in SD CARD.
  • Added anti extruder idle oozing system.
  • Added Hysteresis and Z-Wobble correction (only cartesian printers).
  • Added support reader TAG width MFRC522
  • Added Cooler and Hot Chamber
  • Added Laser beam and raster base64
  • Added Mesh Bed Level (MBL)
  • Added Stop and Save for Restart (SSR)


The current MarlinKimbra dev team consists of:

Laser features have been added by:


Marlin is published under the GPL license because I believe in open development. Please do not use this code in products (3D printers, CNC etc) that are closed source or are crippled by a patent.