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Nexboot - Bootloader for ESP32 developement boards

I was unable to find any bootloader for ESP32 doing what i would like to have, so, i started to write my own.

How to install

  • install and configure esp-ipf and the esp32 toolkit
  • git clone the whole repository and subrepositories under your own project dir
  • make menuconfig to configure nexboot
  • erase the flash in your board ( suggested, not really needed )
  • build and upload as usual with make and make flash on your esp32 developement board.


  • you are updating your esp32 developement board.
  • your board have 4MB of flash size, or you will have to change the partitions.csv file
  • you know what you are doing
  • No, it isn't finished and ready to use in production.
  • Yes, i will continue to work on it to improve it and eventually make it production ready.
  • No, i will not fix your computer


  • update OTA over WiFi, in AP or STA mode, wpa2 supported.
  • update OTA via web browser, on the ESP32 board IP
  • Optionally force bootloader mode on boot by activating GPIO26
  • It leave you 3MB of space for your OTA firmware ( with a 4MB flash )


  • HTTPS instead of HTTP ( configurable )
  • Authenticate login on HTTP/s
  • Firmware encryption
  • Firmware hash pre-verification
  • Better HTML/JS


Fairly limited atm, but it works. Really need a better interface and a lot of other things.