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#Simple HTTP server
# Simple HTTP server
This is a very minimal HTTP server I use in some of the projects.
Absolutely not ready for any kind of production use.
#How to use
# How to use
Really, please see above note.
This directory is an ESP-IDF component. Clone it (or add it as a submodule) into the component directory of the project.
# Documentation
None yet, but I tried to make the comments in the header file helpful.
# Examples
Examples functions at http server
......@@ -30,12 +30,12 @@ Examples functions at http server
* Receiving a GET request at /, http server response is a "Hello World, from ESP32!" html.
# Debugging
Increasing log level to "Verbose" should produce lots of output related to request handling.
# License
GPL, see [LICENSE](LICENSE) file. Mostly because this is a very early version. Will be relicensed as something more reasonable later.
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