2fa64334 by Ivan Grokhotkov

add function to get (request | form) argument values

1 parent fc44658b
......@@ -384,6 +384,17 @@ int http_request_get_method(http_context_t ctx)
return (int) ctx->parser.method;
const char* http_request_get_arg_value(http_context_t ctx, const char* name)
http_header_t* it;
SLIST_FOREACH(it, &ctx->request_args, list_entry) {
if (strcasecmp(name, it->name) == 0) {
return it->value;
return NULL;
esp_err_t http_request_get_data(http_context_t ctx, const char** out_data_ptr, size_t* out_size)
if (ctx->event != HTTP_HANDLE_DATA) {
......@@ -131,12 +131,12 @@ esp_err_t http_register_form_handler(http_server_t server, const char* uri_patte
int events, http_handler_fn_t callback, void* callback_arg);
* @brief Get value for given form item name
* @brief Get value for given URL argument of form argument
* @param http_ctx context passed to the handler
* @param name name of form item
* @return pointer to the form item value, valid until the end of request
* @param name name of URL or form argument
* @return pointer to the value, valid until the end of request
const char* http_request_get_form_value(http_context_t http_ctx, const char* name);
const char* http_request_get_arg_value(http_context_t http_ctx, const char* name);
* @brief Get request method
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